Fida Islaih: Featured Poet

A to Z Poetry CoverLet’s give a warm welcome to our next featured poet, Fida Islaih.

Her Olives CoverFida Islaih is the author of three poetry collections, A to Z Poetry, Her Olives, and Hugs & Kisses. She is working on a fourth collection. Fida’s collections focus on her faith, her experiences and emotions along with her love for nature. Her upcoming collection remains untitled with the hopes to be published late fall 2015. It focuses on the places and people that she has rooted herself in. Split into five sections, this collection explores the beauty and struggles of two countries, of sisterhood, the beauty of words and time. Here is a sneak peak from the upcoming collection:Hugs & Kisses Cover

She was tall and graceful
she glided through
the streets of our village
her long, black hair flowing
in the wind
along with her thobe
she always had a smile
as she carried
a basket of bread on her head.

© Fida Islaih 2015

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